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Reg. Starts:9 Oct 2021

Event Starts: 14 Mar 2022

Event Finale: 22 Dec 2024



Reg. Starts:9 Oct 2021

Event Starts: 9 Dec 2024

Event Finale: 22 Dec 2024



Reg. Starts:9 Oct 2021

Event Starts: 1 Feb 2022

Event Finale: 25 Dec 2024



All India Esports League (AIEL) is an Esports event IP by Ultimate Battle. AIEL aims to promote Esports as a professional and competitive scene in India by organizing Esports title game events for grassroot level players as well as esports atheletes.
AIEL 2021-2022 features top Esports Game titles including FIFA, BGMI, Free Fire, and Valorant, Chess and more.

AIEL events are structured to promote competitive gaming among mass audiences and provide an opportunity for them to get recognition, rewards, and compete at a professional level.

General Rules and Guidelines:

  1. Ultimate Battle reserves the right to decide outside or even against the rulebook in special cases to guarantee Fairplay.
  2. Players need to abide by the instructions given to them on the website/application and/or Tournament moderators while competing in the League Tournaments.
  3. Players must also abide by respective Game Rules available on Game Tournament Pages.

Player Accounts

  1. Players/Team can only have one account on Ultimate Battle to register in the All India Esports League Event. In case multiple accounts are found, all the player/team accounts will be banned and the player/team will be disqualified.
  2. All information registered on your account needs to be up-to-date and to have the correct information.
  3. You are not allowed to share or use another person’s Account. Your account is for your use and your use alone.
  4. AIEL reserves the right to change any team/player name and logo in case it breaks the following rules:
    1. Has resemblance or is identical to any brand or trademark that they personally don’t own.
    2. That is protected by third-party rights and you don’t have written permission to use it.
    3. That is trying to imitate a real person other than themselves.
    4. Discriminatory names, including but not limited to any language regarding ethnicity, nationality, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation is not allowed.
  5. A player is only allowed to compete for one team during the course of the tournament.
  6. Every Member/Player in a team must have their own account of the games offered in All India Esports League.
  7. A Player must be 18 or above years old to participate in this tournament.
  8. A Player must be an Indian resident.
  9. Ignoring any rules mentioned may lead to disciplinary action as per T&C and AIEL Rules.

Team Rules

  1. Team creation should be done by the Team Captain. Team Captain will be the line of contact between Tournament Moderators and the Team.
  2. The Team Captain will be responsible for all Team communications with Tournament Officials. The Tournament Officials may rely upon any communications from the Team Captain as being made by all players on the Team. The Team Captain must at all times be a player on the Team’s roster. 
  3. The team captain needs to provide correct details of team members at the time of registration.
  4. The team owner can change the team members till 1 week before the AIEL Qualifiers are started.
  5. Each Team is required to maintain a minimum of 5 players in the team at all times during the tournament, The Team has the option of adding additional players who shall act as a substitute (“Substitute”). Tournament Officials have the right to disqualify any Team with an incomplete roster. 
  6. Before the start of the tournament qualifier, each Team must register its roster (including all Core Members and any Substitute) using the official website. No changes to a Team’s roster will be permitted after Qualifier starts without the prior approval of the Tournament Officials (including for changes due to sickness or any other.).
  7. A Substitute may replace a player only between games during Tournament play. During Online Events, players may be substituted at any time between games. Tournament Officials reserve the right to approve or deny any request to add or remove a player from a Team’s roster based upon the eligibility of the player(s) involved and such request’s compliance with these Competition Rules and the Registration Rules. Tournament Officials also reserve the right to notify the participants in any upcoming Tournament of the details of any roster change request that has been submitted by a Team to Tournament Officials if such roster change has not been publicly announced.

Game Broadcasting

  • AIEL reserves exclusive rights for broadcasting and streaming for all its events.
  • We DO NOT allow people to personally stream their matches and games without prior email approval from Ultimate Battle.
  • Players can send match streaming requests to
  • In case of approval by Ultimate Battle for personal streaming, broadcaster/player must ensure they follow the streaming guidelines provided by Ultimate Battle.


  • It is very important to follow the schedule for each tournament match. Tournament match schedules are available on respective Tournament pages.
  • It is expected that all Tournament Games will begin at the scheduled time. Any delay caused by issues arising out of a Team Member’s inadequate preparation will be assessed by Tournament Officials. Penalties for tardiness may be assessed at the discretion of the Tournament Organizer.
  • All information for each tournament is subject to change so it’s every player’s responsibility to update himself on the Website and tournament WhatsApp support number ( 9324-952-984) and at before and during the tournament/round/match or game starts regarding any changes.
  • If a team fails to join their lobby before the match schedule time, the match will be started without the said team or wait for the team at the sole discretion of the match admin.
  • It is the responsibility of each team captain to read AIEL RULES and Game Rules for important messages regarding the lobby they are assigned to at all times, especially in the early part of each new game if a server restart needs to be done.

Technical Issue and Player Disconnection

  • All players are responsible for their own technical issues both hardware and network.
  • Matches won’t be restarted just because someone disconnects and/or their game crashes.
  • If a player disconnects, you are allowed to reconnect.
  • In case of a server crash and if the game can’t be continued due to various unfortunate reasons, the room will be re-hosted or rescheduled and the particular game will be played from start at the sole discretion of the Admins.
  • If a participant is competing using his own network connection, the participant is solely responsible for the quality of his/her internet connection.
  • Participants are not allowed to request a pause or a remake due to high ping, poor network conditions, or disconnection.
  • Player’s In-Game connections and ping issues will be addressed on a game-by-game basis as available in Game Rules on Game Tournament pages.
  • Participants are not allowed to intentionally disconnect during a game.
  • If a participant is disconnected due to network issues, they are allowed to reconnect back to the ongoing match.

Replay and match materials

  • All replays and screenshots from the matches need to be saved for 14 days from the date the tournament ended.
  • The admin team has the right to request the replay or screenshot at any time within these 14 days.
  • Players/Teams are expected to save the end game screenshot of their standings and kill once a game ends and must provide it to the admins if asked.


  • All cheats are completely forbidden to use under any circumstance while playing in any tournament at AIEL. Using any cheat will result in bans and disqualifications for the following cheats:
  • Tournament Officials reserve the right to monitor any player we see fit during the tournament.
  • If a team uses a player that has an active ban by ANY GAME  the team will be disqualified from the tournament.
  • All 3rd party software or tools that are not allowed by the game publisher and that can give an unfair advantage to a player or team are classed as cheating and are not allowed.

Betting, Gambling, Match Fixing

  • Players or coaches, as well as game hosts and staff from AIEL, are prohibited from gambling or betting on any matches in any tournament.
  • All sorts of match-fixing/teaming are strictly forbidden and will result in the team being disqualified and banned.

Code of Conduct and Sportsmanship

  • Players/Teams are expected to put forth their best effort in all games. Players/Teams may not intentionally forfeit a game or conspire to manipulate rankings or brackets.
  • Players & Team representatives are expected to treat all members of Tournament staff, sponsors, and other participants with respect and are not allowed to use language that is obscene, foul, vulgar, insulting, threatening, abusive, libelous, slanderous, defamatory or otherwise offensive or objectionable; or promote or incite hatred or discriminatory. Public statements made about private information, unofficial roster changes, and disparaging remarks made about the Tournament or its partners are prohibited. 
  • Players and Team Representatives may not engage in any other conduct that, at the discretion of tournament officials, violates the spirit of these rules, affects the ability of tournament officials to conduct a fair and safe competition, and/or is detrimental to Organizers and/or its partners.
  • Players, Team staff and/or managers, and other Team or Player representatives, shall not participate in or otherwise be involved with, either directly or indirectly, any fantasy sports, betting, or gambling that uses tournament stats in any way, and shall not associate with bettors or gamblers, or provide anyone any information that may assist betting or gambling, either directly or indirectly. Any betting or gambling by a Player, Team staff and/or manager, or other Team or Player representative against his/her own Team’s/Player’s matches will result in immediate disqualification of the entire Team and, at the discretion of Organizers, a ban from one or more subsequent competitions organized by organizers. 
  • Players and Team representatives are not allowed to have an excessive argument with a tournament official that results in the delay of a match.
  • Match-fixing is defined as an attempt to arrange or influence, in advance, the outcome of a match, or events within the match, usually for the purpose of making money, often from betting. Participants, directly or indirectly, are not allowed to accept from or offer to, any person or entity (whether they are participants or otherwise) any bribes/gifts/rewards of any nature in relation to seeking to influence the outcome, the result of, the conduct of, a match or the competition. Participants are under a strict obligation to immediately report to a tournament official any approach, or any offer of a bribe/gift/ reward made to them, or any other participant, related to seeking to influence the outcome, result, or conduct of a match or the competition. 
  • Without the consent of the Tournament Organizer, a Team Member may not disclose any confidential or proprietary information provided or made available by the Tournament Organizer to the Team Member in relation to the Tournament. Team Members shall be obligated to keep the confidential or proprietary information provided by the Tournament Organizer. The “confidential or proprietary information” of the Tournament Organizer includes all information and materials disclosed (whether in oral, written, or other tangible or intangible forms) or otherwise made available by the Tournament Organizer to a Team Member concerning or related to Tournament, the Tournament or any other Tournament which the Team Member knows or should know, given the facts and circumstances surrounding the disclosure of the information, is the confidential information of the Tournament Organizer. 
  • No Team Member may offer any gift or cash or other rewards to a player, coach, manager, other Team Member, Tournament Official, the Tournament Organizer, or any other person connected with or employed by another Team.

Report a Player/Team

To report anyone for breaking the rules you can do so by submitting proofs to the admin via WhatsApp at ( 9324-952-984) or sending mail to Ultimate Battle support mail id (

Appeal Ban

You can appeal the decision regarding your ban that you have received within 7 days from the moment when the decision was taken. The appeal needs to be in a written mail that is sent to or at the WhatsApp support number ( 9324-952-984).

  • How To Register For AIEL?

    Players need to Sign-Up on Ultimate Battle via Website or UB Pro App. If you have already done the same then login into your account on Ultimate Battle and head to the AIEL page and choose the Event you’d like to participate in. You will get the upcoming Qualifiers list to join the Event.

  • How Will I Register my Team?

    Team Captain can register their Team on Ultimate Battle when joining Team/Squad Event by providing Clan/Team Details. The team captain has to ensure that all members of the team join the created Clan/Team before the Event/Event Qualifiers start. You can invite your family and friends to join your team with the help of E-mail/SMS when entering Team Details.

  • I am unable to Register For AIEL. What should I Do?

    Please inform us using the “Contact us” page. Alternatively, you can also try around a few hours in case of any scheduled maintenance.

  • Can we make changes to the Team after the Team Registration?

    Yes, players can make changes to their Team prior to the start of Qualifiers. A player is not allowed to compete as part of two different teams during the tournament.

  • What are the Rules for the League? What are the rules for the Matches?

    Please find all the General AIEL Rules and Format for AIEL under the Rules tab. Event-specific Rules are available on respective Event pages.

  • I don’t have enough players to create a team, what to do?

    You can create a clan and Join the Tournament. You will have until the Event/Event Qualifier starts to complete your team on Ultimate Battle. You can also use the built-in chat functionality to connect with the potential players on Ultimate Battle to team up.

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